Baby Sensory

More information about the Baby Sensory classes 

For: Babies from 5 weeks – 13 months and their parents/caregivers

Dates and times:
Monday November 7th 2022, Time: 11:15 – 12:15 AM
Tuesday November 15th 2022, Time 9:15 – 10:15 AM (FULLY BOOKED)
Monday November 21th 2022, Time: 11:15 – 12:15 AM (FULLY BOOKED)
Tuesday November 29th 2022, Time 9:15 – 10:15 AM (FULLY BOOKED)

: Sietske Wardenaar from Friede Baby Sensory

This classes are taster classes.
If you are joining for the first time, the class is free.

You are most welcome to join more taster classes. They are all four different.
The prices after the first class are:
9,- euro per class for babies from 0 – 6 months
15,- euro per class for babies from 7 – 14 months.
(all including materials and entrance to the Kunst & Kids Café).

You are welcome with one or two parents/caregivers per baby.
Twins are also welcome (50% discount for the second child).

More information:
Mobile: 06-55141272
Or take a look at our Website, Instagram or

About Baby Sensory

At Baby Sensory you will find ALL important activities for the development of your baby and your bond in ONE complete, very surprising and very appealing program.

Baby Sensory is a combination of music and dance, bonding techniques, baby massage and reflexology, sleep techniques, puppet shows, baby exercises, signing, action songs and rhymes, visual development activities, developmental games, individual and co-operative activities and developmental play.

Very welcome to Baby Sensory for a great start for your baby and you!

It really is an inspirational class. You will be amazed at what your baby can already do. It is very positive, relaxed, cheerful, challenging, preventive and appropriate. Everything is offered during the all-important first year of life. The program was developed in England, where it continues to be a huge success. The classes are in Dutch and English.

You can read more information about Baby Sensory at or find on Instagram or Facebook.

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All coming classes are fully booked. We hope to offer new classes soon.