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Connect with Yourself

Information about Connect with Yourself 

For: Adults 
Time: 19:30 – 20:30h 
Wednesday March 22nd 2023  
Barbara Schuch-Schultz
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Connect with Yourself

A pause from our everyday routine to reconnect with ourselves! We will do things like breathwork, journaling, visualization, having meaningful conversations and connecting with like-minded people. The intention is to have a good time! This will be a regular evening depending on demand. 
About Barbara
Hi, I’m Barbara! 
A few years ago, despite a happy and successful career as a legal expert, a beautiful life with 2 kids and a soulmate, one day I found myself no longer enjoying my work, my life or myself. After a burnout, I went through both an inner and life transformation. This process made me reflect on and dive into every aspect of myself and my life. 
I wanted to feel inspired again! I wanted to feel joy with everything I put my energy into! I wanted more of life! And deep inside, I knew I could create an extraordinary life again by discovering a new version of my best self. 
I love connecting with people and sharing experiences! I became a Certified Coach and my desire is to ignite a spark in individuals to embark on their own self-discovery journey for a more joyful and authentic life. 

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