Zumbini (0-4)


For: Children from 0-4 years old and their parents
Day: Thursday
11.10 – 11.55
– Block 1: 8th, 15th (fully booked), 22th (fully booked), 29th of September, 6th, 13th and 20th of October
– Block 2: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th of November, 1st, 8th and 15th of December
Laritza Cuba
– Block 1: €70 in total (7 classes) or €11 per single class
– Block 2: €70 in total (7 classes) or €11 per single class
(all including entrance tot the Kunst & Kids Café)

20% discount per second child, in case siblings want to join. You can always ask for a first free trial lesson.
More information: laritza.zumba@gmail.com or http://laritzacuba.nl

About Zumbini

Zumbini! Before any confusion, no, Zumbini is not Zumba for babies 🙂 What is it then? It’s a fun class where we dance, sing, play instruments, and more! Zumbini is an Educational Program, where we use music to teach children (from 0 to 4 years old). Topics like nature, animals, transport, etc. are present in our songs in a fun and interactive way where they learn by playing without realizing it.

We use original music and movement to promote children’s social skills, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional and cognitive development. But these classes are not just for them, it’s also for you, the caregiver. You will participate actively, moving, dancing, interacting with your child, and m most especially bonding with them while connecting with others inn the class.
Come and join us for 45 minutes of joy! Request a free trial class and get to know Zumbini and our amazing community.

What do you need to participate in class? If you have a very young baby, it would be useful if you can bring a little mat or baby cover, for your baby to be comfortable while you do some movements Ibn their legs and arms. We invite you to check the website where you can find a video about modifications we do for little babies.

Before enrolling, please make sure you are familiar with our class policies and read in advance our waiver and release document.

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– I have read the Class Policies and the Waiver and release Agreement – I understand and accept the private use of my data described at the beginning of this form.